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From: James Chappel


Losing Body fat can be a difficult thing to achieve. Just ask the people who dedicate countless hours to dieting and working out at the gym. Most people try to eat right and then put their bodies through extreme torture with relentless exercise and training...however, they still struggle to achieve results.

It is common to see those same people battling to maintain their weight over a longer period of time, let alone achieve real weight loss. Very rarely do you see someone who is truly lean and displays a strong, healthy body.

It may seem like certain people are genetically gifted and blessed with great physiques. Maybe they are...but I am here to show you how you can achieve those same results and shred pure body fat.

The best part is that you'll be doing it in an expedient yet proven way.

Until now, you may have thought that losing body fat is out of your control, but the truth is that it is well within your control. Astonishing life-changing results can be easily attained by anyone.

I will show you how to get there.

Does my story sound similar to yours?

You're about to see the proof that the Shred Body Fat program works. I personally, have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I was an overweight child and even when I had lost some of my weight as a young adult, I was still carrying embarrassing "baby fat" in certain stubborn areas of my body. I have never had a fast metabolism, and had always believed that weight gain was something I could not avoid. Never feeling happy or comfortable with my body image or body fat, forced me to restrict the amount of food that I ate, and deprive myself of a normal, guilt-free diet. I was unable to live a happy, healthy life with the body that I had always wanted. Just bad luck, I assumed.

Genetics have you beat before you start.

I have had countless conversations with clients, friends, and acquaintances about the role that genetics play towards fat loss. The truth still remains that genetically, we as humans, all have the same potential to either gain or lose body fat. The rate at which different people lose their body fat is unimportant. As long as you are actually losing fat, your desired weight WILL be achieved. I am pleased to announce that every human is genetically programmed to shred fat from their body when they follow the exact instructions that I have written in my book.

Below you will see two photos of me....

The first photo is of when I was was carrying 50 pounds of extra weight. It's difficult to see my body fat because I am wearing baggy clothes to cover myself and hide my weight. One thing was certain though, I was not happy.

The second photo is of me on vacation in beautiful, sunny Caribbean. Big difference! I had discovered and formulated a method for shredding body fat. This was the day I realized that Shred Body Fat was no joke.





Want More Proof?





Getting Shredded Is Easy!

These days, I am very happy with my body. Simply put, I am ripped, "shredded" and maintain a 4% body fat level. Maybe your goal is not to be shredded and have 4% body fat, but I can help you to achieve your perfect body weight. You can have the body shape that you desire, simply by shredding your unwanted body fat. I have literally helped hundreds of people (men and women) to achieve their personal weight loss goal and understand the scientific way their body works when storing or losing fat. In every case, my clients have always had great results and I have never had a complaint. It is difficult to argue with science, especially when your own body is shredding fat at your command.

Like I said before, I am my own proof, as well as hundreds of successful clients in over 15 years of personal training. When the truth is derived from proper scientific research, achieving the body weight that you desire is inevitable. Shredding body fat is nothing more than a basic procedure that you must put your body through. Then, your body will have no choice but to shred the fat. This procedure is what I believe to be the fastest and most effective way to shred, burn and remove fat from your body and keep it off permanently.

Education is your friend!

When it came to understanding how the body uses and burns fat as a source of energy, I had to learn the hard way. So I decided to go back to school and get my Master's Degree in Biophysics. Combining that with years of experimentation and observation, I was able to create a fast track system to proven fat loss. Even with all the information and technology available today, shredding body fat still remains a mystery to many people and companies, all over the world. It's a multi-billion dollar industry but much confusion still exists. I am able to promise you that my way of stripping real fat from your body and attaining the physique that you want, is no mystery. Weight loss, but more importantly, FAT LOSS, is actually quite simple and attainable by anyone.

Water, Muscle and Fat have fooled you...

The reason that so many diets come, go and fail is because they trick people into thinking that they have lost weight. They may have, but unfortunately the weight is only ever water or muscle. Both of these can rapidly decrease body weight, which can create an illusion of real weight loss. This creates a feeling of looking and feeling lighter, proven by the weight measurement on a scale. Unfortunately, the reality is that the weight lost is not fat. A bad result.

Water and muscle can be replaced just as fast as it was lost, which is what occurs in yo-yo dieting. Your weight goes down and then comes straight back up again. In some cases, you may even put more weight back on, because your body is programmed to overcompensate once it has been starved or deprived of food. It's a constant struggle.

Fat Loss for both men and women equally.

This book is suitable for both men and women, equally. Biophysics relates to the Human Body, so the principles of shredding body fat work the same for everybody, if done correctly. Fat loss is real weight loss and it is what my entire program focuses on. In Shred Body Fat, the goal is to achieve exactly that. The reason that most people struggle to shred fat from their bodies is because it is an exact science that requires specific action. This science is what I have studied for years but fortunately, it can be explained and learned in a much shorter period of time. Once you discover exactly how the human body stores and utilizes fat as a source of energy, you are on the way to sculpting the body that you desire. Outsmarting the fat cell is the secret to Shred Body Fat and the key to having the body you want.

Here's the great news...

Every gram of fat that you lose, will be gone permanently. You will never see it again, unless you decide to carelessly store it again. The beauty of losing real body fat is that you cannot put it back on as easily as you think. Other weight-loss diets and programs will put your weight back on very quickly once the diet has finished, but REAL fat loss has a lasting effect. Unlike Water and Muscle, Fat is easy to keep off, once you have removed it. Basic diet knowledge will prevent you from ever regaining the fat that you lose while on Shred Body Fat. Firstly though, it has to be removed!

What can You expect?

The information within my book is the most up-to-date and effective way to shred and lose body fat. After years of research, experimentation, and study, I have compiled all the knowledge I attained, and put it into this book. I have filtered out what does not work and left you with only science, facts and results. The results will be clear and certain. With my method, you will not lose 20 pounds in two weeks, like most fad diets promise. Most people do not even carry 20 pounds of real body fat. Again, the extra weight that they carry is a combination of water and muscle. My method will teach you how to permanently lose fat, only fat, one gram at a time.

How To Use This Book

My book is what I would describe as the perfect formula for Fat Loss. It is entirely accurate and comes with precise, in-depth detail so you will have no queries or confusion. Fat loss needs to be precise, and precision is your secret to success in shredding body fat. My book is suitable for both the experienced body-builder or the novice who has never joined a gym. I have done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is read and apply it. With Shred Body Fat, achieving your new body is a certainty. There are only so many grams of body fat that you have to lose before you reach your desired body weight and the way to lose them is purely scientific. This is what I will teach you.

What Impact Will This Have In Your life?

The results that my clients achieve are nothing short of amazing. Often they call and tell me that they cannot thank me enough for the effect that my guidance has had in their lives. Once you develop this control over your body, it affects every part of your life for the better. Naturally, having a lean, shredded, sculpted body is a great feeling. Your success in society, business and family will reach levels that you never felt possible. Relationships will improve automatically and your confidence will become untouchable. This new self-image is priceless.

How Will Shred Body Fat Work For You?

The information and secrets that I will reveal in my book, are the result of many years of research, study, and personal experiment. Both myself and my clients have witnessed incredible results during these years. The use of this knowledge and these techniques are what I believe to be the most effective and dynamic way to shred fat from the body. You could spend years yourself, trying to overcome adversity and struggling with what works and what doesn't work. Alternatively, you can save yourself the time and energy by reading my book and starting to shred fat today. The e-book is clear, simple, and it is available to download straight to your computer right now. Shred Body Fat

What you will learn....

  • The most effective ways to shred fat from your body.
  • The causes of weight gain, weight loss, and the role fat plays in our lives.
  • The truths and myths about any of the foods we eat.
  • How to stop your body's natural fat storing mechanism.
  • How to program your body to burn fat throughout the night while you sleep.
  • My number one secret to losing and shredding body fat.
  • How to get a shredded six-pack without doing a single sit-up, ever.
  • My Fat Burning Formula that gives your body no choice but to shred fat.
  • How your body is programmed to use food to shred body fat.
  • Understanding De Novo Lipogenesis and its full fat-burning potential.
  • The perfect time of day to shred even more body fat.
  • Why shredding fat and fat-loss is possible for anyone.
  • Why most people in gyms are wasting their time and are getting no results.
  • My simple fat loss strategies that have worked for hundreds of my clients.
  • Avoiding the worst thing that you could to do your metabolism.
  • (most people do this everyday without even knowing)

....and much, much more. Every question or query that you have ever had about your body and how it responds to gaining or losing weight, will be answered. I cover everything. This is the complete guide to losing and shredding Body Fat. You can own it today.

My book normally sells for $29.95

...but I understand how difficult the weight loss journey can be for most people.

Therefore, I am offering it to you today, for just $4.95

It is ready to download now, straight to your computer or mobile device.

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I want you to be totally satisfied with the information provided for you in my book.

Hence, I will give you a full 60 days to see if the information is what you expected.

If you do not see the results I have promised, I will gladly refund you. No questions.


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